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Pessoal para quem gosta de cozinhar e tem vontade de saber com é uma receita (recipe) em inglês, esta ai um exemplo:
2 cups of common flour;1 cup of sugar;
½ cup of vegetable oil;
2 eggs;
a little bit of salt;
1 tablespoon of yeast;
2 cups of cocoa; and
1 cup of boiling water.
Prepare:Mix everything with o wood spoon until form bubbles on the dough. Put on a puddin mould smeared and cook in 250 Fº preheated conventional oven for 50 mim. To make sure de cake is ready prick a toothpick on the cake, if the toothpick goes out clean, the cake is ready!
Ingredients of Cover:
1 cup of suggar;
½ cup of cocoa or cocoa or nesquick;
1 cup of water;
1 tablespoon of corn starch;
a litlle bit of salt;
3 tablespoon of corn glucose or honey;and
nuts to decorate. Preparing the Cover:
Mix everyting in the blender and put on the stove to ticken. Cover all the cake with the cover yet hot. The cocoa makes the syrup dark and the corn glucose makes the cake shine as in the picture.The taste of the cover is diferent by using corn glucose or honey
· the equivalence of a cup in this recipe is 240ml or 8 ounces;
· a differet way to present this cake is stuff it with jelly of your preference, put the cover and decorate with candy;
· this cake is to be umid and soft.
Good Appetite!

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