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Verbo to be: Observações

1. O verbo there to be (haver, existir) tem apenas duas formas there is para o singular e there are para o plural. There is not (there isn’t) e there are not (there aren’t) são usados para as formas negativas e is there? Are there? para as interrogativas:

There is a book on the table. (Há um livro sobre a mesa)

There are many books on the table. (Há muitos livros sobre a mesa)

There isn’t any bread.

There aren’t mountains in Nauru.

Is there a cat under the sofa?

Are there big cities in The Philippines?

2. Ao se referir a idade, use sempre o verbo to be:

She´s 19 years old.

I´m in my sixties.

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was exactly what I was looking for !!!!!!!

thank you !!!!!!!!!!!

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