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Fitness Terms

Hi friends, here this a list of terms used in Fitness...

Movement of a limb away from middle of body, such as bringing arms to shoulder height from hanging down
Abbreviation for abdominal muscles.
Abbreviation for abdominal muscles.
Absolute Strength
The maximum amount a person can lift in one repetition.
Accommodating Resistance
Increasing resistance as lifters force increases through range of motion. Nautilus machines are said to provide
accommodating resistance.
Acquired Ageing
The acquisition of characteristics commonly associated with ageing but that are, in fact, caused by immobility or
sedentary living.
Active Stretch
Muscles are stretched using the contraction of the opposing muscle, (antagonist). For an example stretching the
triceps, requires the biceps to contract.
Movement of a limb toward middle of body, such as bringing arms to side from extended position at shoulder.
Fibrous patch holding muscles or other parts tog…